Aman Baisla Death Case

Aman Baisla Death Case

Who is Aman Baisla?

Aman Baisla was a business man who lived with his family in rohini sector 11, Delhi. Aman committed suicide on the night of 29, September in his office delhi.

A very long story behind suicide. What was happening with Aman that made him commit suicide. So now I tell you the whole story of  Aman baisla Death Case. It shared on his social media account by Aman Baisla.

Aman baisla Death Case

Aman baisla Death Case;

According to Aman Baisla, In the year 2018, Aman worked in the hotel industry (retail supply of daily use items) in partnership with a young girl named Neha Jindal.

In this business, Neha’s father offer to invest 5 lakh rupees which has accepted. Neha Jindal suddenly quit work in August 2019, making many excuses.

Neha Jindal also took Aman’s car with her which was around 13 lakh. Neha gave a lot of excuse to Aman Baisla for taking the car with him so he agreed.

After some time Neha Jindal described her father’s financial condition as very bad and excuse her illness and took 2 lakh 50 thousand rupees from Aman Baisla.

Just as the months passed and Neha Jindal kept on lying to Aman.

Sumit Goswami;

Now as we all know about the haryani Singer, Sumit Goswami‘s “feelings” song released in July, 2020. It is a  popular song which currently has 250 million views on Youtube.

Neha jindal sumit goswami
Sumit Goswami with Neha Jindal

Neha Jindal Sumit Goswami;

Point to note is that Neha Jindal acted as such video Co-Ordinator. When Aman Baisla came to know about this, He contacted to Sumit goswami (khatri)But both of them clearly denied that Neha Jindal is not in any contact with us and told that we just gave him a job, nothing more.

Meanwhile, Aman Baisla contacted Ajit Goswami(brother of Sumit Goswami). He told the truth to Aman that Neha Jindal is here for our job, for this we give him 50 thousand to 60 thousand.

During this, Neha Jindal  contacted Aman back and told that her financial condition is very bad and asked him to arrange 5 lakhs for him. Aman Baisla kept Neha Jindal’s father signed check and mother’s identity card as security and gave Neha Jindal a sum of 5 lakhs in Cash from one of his a friend.

During this time, when Aman Baisla needed money for his business, he asked Neha to return the money given to him. Neha Jindal made some excuses and postponed things.

A few months passed. Neha Jindal once again asked Aman Baisla for 5 lakh rupees, due to which she told that Sumit Goswani‘s father is very ill and money needed for his operation. She also sent the medical report of sumit’s father. she said that if Sumit Goswami takes money from any of his relative and others, then his name will be bad in society So i have to ask you for money.

Well we have already understand that Sumit Goswami & Neha Jindal have trapped Aman Baisla together.

Now when Aman Baisla asks Sumit Goswami to return the money, He flatly refuses and also gave a lot of threats to Aman.

Meanwhile, Aman Baisla knows many things about Neha Jindal that Neha jindal Sumit goswami are in a relationship and Neha took 5 lakh rupees from Aman for the treatment of Sumit’s father, Sumit Goswami did not know anything about this.

Now when Aman Baisla understood everything. Aman told Sumit and Neha that now if both of them do not return his money, then he will tell everything at their home that how they have framed him together, Then Sumit Goswami  Neha Jindal together threaten Aman that if he does something like this, Neha will file a case of molestation and blackmailing on him.

Aman Baisla understood that everything had gone out of hand. So he decided to tell Sumit and Neha’s housemates about the whole matter. Neha Jindal balked at this and told him that if she told anything to his family then she will die. Not only this, Neha Jindal used to send Aman crying videos of herself and her mother to emotionally torture and this torture continued to grow day by day.

NO caption needed😂

Now, In january 2020, Neha Jindal calls Aman on the pretext of meeting him and then Neha herself tore her cloths in the car and threatened to Rape Aman Baisla. Neha stipulates not to file a case that Aman will have to return his father’s signed check & identify card, which Neha Jindal gave to Aman as a security while borrowing money from Aman. Aman Baisla was scared, So he returned all his documents to him.

Neha Jindal did not stop even after doing all this and demanded 10 lakh from Aman back. For which she gave time to Aman till October and threatened to file a Rap & molestation case on Aman Baisla for not giving money.

Aman Baisla believed that if  Neha files a case on her, He will not be able to do anything. Except her family, all these society and people will consider him wrong and Neha jindal will get it right and he will be given the status of a rapist.

Aman Baisla had said one thing in the end of the video that when Shushant singh rajpoot could not justice in this country, How could he get it?

All this forced Aman Baisla to commit suicide.

So, the people of India, it is our responsibility now that we make it Viral so that  AMAN BAISLA

gets justice and the hanging of NEHA JINDAL and SUMIT GOSWAMI.


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